Blackhawks News · Athletes and Parents Return to Play Phase 2


Hello!  We are excited and optimistic about heading into Phase 2; that we can continue participation in sport in a cautious, safe and socially aware manner.

We are happy to share our  continued PHASE 2 plan to provide a safe and structured environment for practices and camps.  IHSAA Covid-19 Athletic Reopening Spreadsheet.xlsx (1)

We will continue to follow the protocol we have followed in PHASE 1 -throughout all Phases of RTP. 

  1. Attendance- FINALFORMS
  2. Temperatures and screening questions-FINALFORMS
  3. Player with Temperature sent to trainer quarantine area
  4. Symptomatic player sent home if necessary
  5. Report out to Eric Twitty all symptoms and illness and he will document
  6. Quarantine individuals if necessary.


  • Masks should be worn by coaches and players entering the building, and all at times in the building when moving about.
  • Masks should not be removed until play is about to commence and can be worn at the choice of the coach or kids at all times if they choose to.
  • Players should be social distancing and wearing masks when in groups talking.
  • Coaches we need to be masked in the building, and when we are in close proximity to anyone while instructing.
  • Social distancing and mask wearing is required and we should be the champions leading the charge so that we can get back to school and the sports we love.

July 20-August 2:

We will begin normal summer activities with the above protocols still remaining in place.

PHASE 2 Additions/Changes:

Locker Rooms

  1. Locker rooms will be open – at  50% capacity rule in the locker room. No hanging out in locker room.
  • Football- Only helmets and pads are to be left in locker room and must be left on the floor upside down each night to spray.
  • Football use of coach’s office for film should be limited to small groups all masked. – Surfaces should be wiped down by coaches after use.
  • Coaches Office restroom for coaches ONLY.
  • No clothing/shoes/personal items of any kind can be left in locker room.
  • Masks must be work in locker room.
  • Showers are closed.
  • Players should wash all garments at home.
  • No shared hydration.
  • Shirts must be worn at all times.

 Weight Room:

  • Groups will be divided in half to suit 50% capacity rules (15 max per group)
  • All areas cleaned after each session.
  • No spotters will be used in PHASE 2 as we are following safety RTP protocol for rebuilding athletes.
  • All weights will be sprayed and wiped down with ECOLAB A456 between groups.

Coaches spray and players wipe.  Discard in trash can and Coach will empty between sessions.

Weight room equipment will be fogged with Clear Gear between sessions.


 Our Blackhawks have no doubt missed each other and you, but please do not allow them to congregate in the hallways. 

 Socializing outside 6 ft. apart is the way to go! 

 Movement in the building:

 A mask is required for all movement in the building. 

  • Moving from gym to gym or film room- MASK
  • Meeting at 50% in any enclosed space such as computer lab or film room. MASK
  • Players standing and talking to each other at any point –6’ distancing and MASK
  • Waiting for temps and COVID questions – MASK
  • Entering building – MASK
  • Training Room MASK
  • Weight Room- Mask while traveling to and from

 Mini-Busses (XC only currently July 20-August 2nd) Take cleaning caddie with you with paper towels and garbage bags.

 Coaches take attendance and temps as well as questions recorded in FINALFORMS as you take them.

  • Hand sanitizer before boarding or re-boarding.
  • Please ask kids to sit in own seats and face forward.
  • Coaches and Players must wear a mask
  • Can/should open windows for air flow
  • Take a change of dry clothing with you for bus ride home.
  • Coaches spray down seats with CLEAR GEAR and students wipe down own seat before after ride.
  • Deposit paper towels in bag outside of bus and coach dispose of each trip.

 Hamilton County Board of Health Recommendations

 Have players wash hands for 20 seconds or use hand sanitizer before and after practice.

  • Use hand sanitizer at breaks during practices.
  • Wear masks whenever possible.
  • Tell players: TRY to keep from touching your face and eyes.  Even though it is difficult please remind them daily of this.
  • If someone is sick; STAY HOME.
  • Attendance daily is mandatory along with temperatures.
  • Watch for signs and symptoms – sometimes they want to be there so bad they overlook the signs.
  • Report all signs and symptoms to Eric Twitty.
  • Take care of yourself and your players.
  • Cleaning equipment with EPA approved Clear Gear and Clorox/Disinfecting Wipes) is imperative.

 Thank you coaches for your vigilance and players and parents for your support in keeping our student-athletes as safe as possible.